What is AREB system?

AREB system is a simple screening assay makes it possible to determine antibiotic resistance of bacteria, and 10 different antibiotics are preconfigured into a 96-well microplate with breakpoint concentrations of antibiotics.

Why do we need AREB system?

There are several standard methods have been developed for clinical isolates, and they are often too expensive and laborious to be used for large population. AREB system is specially developed to be used for large number of bacterial isolates from environmental samples, such as sewage, river, lake, aquatic environments and wet lands where the aim is put to screen for resistance among a number of bacterial isolates in a population. It is simple and rapid test for larger bacterial population (at most 600 bacterial isolates) simultaneously.

What is AREB system used for?

AREB system is used to monitor antibiotic resistance rates among different bacterial species in aquatic environments of different origins. It can also be used to get information on the appearance and the spread of antibiotic resistance in the environment. Together with PhenePlate system, this system can be used to control quality, tracking appearance of and changes in frequencies of antibiotic resistant clones.

Important application includes:
Surveillance of antibiotic resistance in various populations such as hospitals and care centers

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