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About Us

As scientists and entrepreneurs, we have wide access to innovative ideas in the field of medical products and we have extensive expert global networks for commercialization.

We are constantly exploring innovative ideas and technologies from different areas of the world. Contributing our knowledge and expertise, we provide R&D, marketing, promotion, management support and business execution to most efficiently transfer valuable ideas from the laboratory to the marketplace. We are practical and science-driven. We understand the science behind the products and work to establish the optimal strategy to address our client’s needs.

Nordic Biomed Innovations AB provides specific custom solutions with R&D that fully meet the requirements of our customers throughout our global networks.


Medical diagnostics

We address challenges within in vitro medical diagnostics (IVD) and quickly embrace technological innovations.


Medical devices

We understand a diverse range of medical devices in the market and the critical requirements of a wide range of clients in Asia and Europe.


Clinical and environmental microbiology

We have also been devoted to promoting technological advancements in clinical and environmental microbiology.

our team

  • Young Keun Kwak
    Young Keun Kwak Chief Executive Officer

    Business development, marketing and leading operation in medical devices and diagnostics business.
    PhD in medical science from Karolinska Institutet.

  • Magdalena Agata Mazur
    Magdalena Agata Mazur Deputy Managing Director

    Project Management,

    PhD in Biomedical Sciences from Lund University

  • Inger Kühn
    Inger Kühn Scientific advisor

    Associate Professor in Medical Microbiology from Karolinska Institutet

    Former CEO of PhPlate Microplate Techniques AB, Sweden

  • Roland Möllby
    Roland Möllby Scientific advisor

    Professor in Medical Microbiology from Karolinska Institutet

  • Patricia Colque Navarro
    Patricia Colque Navarro Scientific Advisor

    PhD in Medical Microbiology from Karolinska Institutet

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