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Strategic partnership with PhPlate Microplate Techniques AB in Sweden
23 March 2018
Nordic Biomed Innovation AB joined MOU with NAHDIC in Ethiopia
2 January 2018
Nordic Biomed Innovations AB joined MOU with JUNWON GBI Co., Ltd. in South Korea
7 February 2018
Nordic Biomed Innovation AB joined MOU with ALTEOGEN Inc. in South Korea
5 January 2018

Nordic Biomed Innovations AB

Nordic Biomed Innovations AB is a privately held life science company founded in Stockholm, Sweden. We consist of scientists and industrialists and we have wide access to innovative ideas. We transform the ideas into successful business, providing customized solutions for our clients.

Our Mission 1

Researching Innovations

We are constantly researching innovative ideas from different areas from the world through our global network.

Our Mission 2

R&D in Medical Diagnostics

We have carried out R&D on diagnostic microbiology to develop new solutions together with PhPlate Microplate AB Stockholm Sweden.

Our Mission 3

Product & Service Commercialization

Our mission to make the innovations functional and effective in business and market through our extensive networks.

Fast Facts



PhenePlate™ system is a simple, easy to use, and cost effective bacterial phenotyping kit for investigating bacterial communities (bacterial diversity / stability) in ecology studies. Test results can be automatically analyzed using PhPWIN™ software.

Target bacteria

Other Enterobacteria
Aeromonas spp.
Vibrio spp.


Epidemiological survey (Hospital-acquired infection)
Vaccine development
Environmental microbiology

NBI’s dedication to

Raise awareness of antibiotic resistance in society


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