On the 23rd of March 2018 Nordic Biomed Innovation AB and PhPlate Microplate Techniques in Stockholm in Sweden joined a strategic partnership agreement for R&D and Marketing products. This partnership brings us that share a common commitment to research on diagnostic microbiology in order to develop new solutions for the investigation and analysis of characteristics of bacteria and microbial cells.

PhPlate Microplate Techniques AB is a privately held company that began operations in 1994 in Stockholm, Sweden. Its products have been developed upon the technology verified through the research performed at the Karolinska Institutet, which is a renowned medical university and home of Nobel assembly in Stockholm Sweden.

PhPlate’s major products are the PhenePlate™ system with PhPWIN™ software, a microplate-based biochemical phenotyping system of clinically significant bacteria, AREB™ system, an antibiotic resistance determination system, and various reagents for diagnostics of certain bacterial infections. PhPlate Microplate Techniques AB has received research grants from the Swedish innovation authority, VINNOVA and the Eurostars programme from the European Union.

For more information about PhPlate Microplate Techniques AB: www.phplate.se


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